I have owned and operated Summit Landworks since 2002. We pride ourselves on our work, customer relations and strive to outperform expectations. We specialize in all aspects of hydroseeding and custom mowing operations.

Get to know Summit Landworks


We operate 2 Finn hydroseeders:

  • A truck mounted T330 (3,300 gallon) hydroseeder that excels on jobs that demand the ability to cover large areas quickly and efficiently.
  • A trailer mounted T120GN (1,200 gallon) hydroseeder. This machine allows us the flexibility to be more agile for smaller job sites.

We work closely with the owners, engineers, homeowners, product manufacturer and the seed company. This helps us to ensure we stay current with any specifications, submittal and timeline changes for the project. From everything between a pasture restoration or a 2:1 critical slope, we will customize a seed/fertilizer blend and a hydroseeding slurry based on soil and site conditions to help ensure you get the best possible results for your desired outcome.

No-till Overseeding

To complement our seeding services, we also offer no-till over seeding. A tractor driven seeder scarifies the ground, drops the seed and rollers press in the seed. This works well on athletic fields, parks and pastures where completely new soil prep isnā€™t necessary.

Roadside Mowing

We currently operate 4 tractors with a variety of mowers. Our mowing equipment includes a 21ā€™ boom mower with 50ā€ flail or 50ā€ rotary head, batwing mower, 3 ditch bank flail mowers, 3 brush hogs.

We are committed to providing professional and reliable services to Vermont, areas of New York and New Hampshire.
State agencies, municipalities, landfill operations, construction companies, excavation & landscape contractors and homeowners are some of the vital parts of our business.
Our professional staff is dedicated to servicing your needs and exceeding expectations.
I look forward to the opportunity to work with you on any existing or future projects.
Brian LaFleche
Summit Landworks