Proper watering may be your most important opportunity to ensure a great lawn. You should water 2-3 times a day for 15-20 minutes each time for the first couple of weeks to ensure the seed and soil stay moist. The amount and time may vary depending on soil condition, slopes and weather condition. The fiber mulch will turn a lighter color in areas that are starting to dry out. This will help you identify which areas get more sun and require more water. As your new lawn matures, you can cut back on the amount and frequency of watering.
A starter fertilizer was applied to stimulate root growth when your new lawn was hydroseeded. This is important in the early stages of development. You can apply more fertilizer 3 to 4 weeks after germination. You will generally want to use a fertilizer with more nitrogen (the first number on the bag). The nitrogen will stimulate top growth and make your lawn green. It is not recommended to use a weed and feed during the first 3 months.
Mow using the 1/3 rule. You can mow your lawn after it has reached 3” tall in most areas. It is recommended that you mow high at first and gradually lower your mower until the desired height is reached. Try not to cut any more than 1/3 of the grass at any time. Mowing will stimulate new growth and increase thickness.
No, hydro mulch will not stain if it accidentally gets on walks, driveways or houses.