Our top priority is safety. Our goal is to make sure our employees are safe as well as the driving public.

Our staff has years of experience operating tractors and equipment in high traffic areas, on steep terrain, around power lines, guardrails, drainage ditches and obstructions.

road ditch mowing

Roadside mowing is a crucial component to public safety as well as instrumental in helping maintain the roads.

  • helps maintain adequate vision and line of sight
  • helps control invasive species
  • reduces shoulder maintenance and improves drainage

We operate 4 tractors with a variety of flail and rotary mowers to maintain the sides of the roads, trails and interstate. We also have a 21’ boom mower for push backs and hard to reach areas.

We also provide services for residential mowing/brush hogging of camp roads, fields, around ponds or any hard to maintain areas you want help with.

road ditch mowing